Maria's Ideas 
Murals & Fine Art
Exciting news ~ Art Classes with Maria​​ 
Join me for Brushes & Birds at the National Aviary!
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Live model ~ Painting fun ~ 9 yrs and up ~ One on One instruction ~ No experience necessary!

ART           Maria DeSimone Prascak​​​
Enchanting Wildlife & Nature   

Live Painting 
Pittsburgh Zoo & National Aviary
Edgey Street Style Art  
             Over 450 ft of Murals & Artistic Creations at Sarris Candies   
Wine Rooms with Images of Your Ancestrial Region
Need a Creative Hand?  Use Mine!
  As a professional artist Maria has designed and created one of a kind murals and custom art
for the past 38 years in Pittsburgh, PA  ~ Established 1982

Maria's Ideas can bring YOUR ideas to life!

Realize your DREAMS . Transform your home, office, "man cave" or "she shed" ! 
with custom ​MURALS  &  FINE ART​​

Hand Painted and Created with Imagination by 
​Maria DeSimone Prascak

​​Imagine... a custom mural...  An Italian vineyard in your wine room, ​​ A tropical paradise bed room ​​
or an exotic jungle.​  A peaceful kitchen garden or whimsical castle,
A dinosaur land ​​or a sandy beach in your child's room.
Energetic sports rooms, a relaxing oasis or a nature inspired sanctuary.

One of a kind, hand painted Murals. 
Children's Book Illustration.
Wall Art.
Personalized Gifts & Mixed Media Art
Art Instruction. 
Live Event Painting.
 Community Art Projects/ Designer & Artist

Prints for sale in our Etsy shop!
Maria teaching painting class with
live SLOTH model Vivien!
Check back for 2020 art class schedule
 30 ft ​rainforest 
mural in the learning center
at the
National Aviary
designed by Maria,
painted by visitors!
 LIVE  Painting at Pittsburgh's National Aviary Night in the Tropics 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
 Sarris Candies Murals & Art
Designed and hand painted over 450 feet of MURALS, 3 Ceiling domes, Pretzel People display and five colorful Animal sculpture adorned with crystals and jewels.

Click on the Sarris Candies tab to see more of Maria's creations
inside Sarris Candies store and ice cream parlour!
  1. Art on Canvas
    Art on Canvas
    Fine art ~ hand painted Acrylic, Watercolor & Mixed Media. Wildlife, Landscapes, Pets & More
    Adorable Sloth art by "The Sloth Lady"
  3. Gorgeous Ceiling Art
    Gorgeous Ceiling Art
    One of a kind wall murals . Custom designed for all areas of your home or office
  4. Art EXHIBIT Downtown Pittsburgh
    Art EXHIBIT Downtown Pittsburgh
    "Flora, Fauna & Food" is the title of the sole exhibit created and curated by Maria on display at Pittsburgh's Federal Courthouse 700 Grant St. in Pittsburgh, PA. The exhibit runs August 7th-December 1, 2019 Maria created 28 paintings, all are for sale. Please contact for prices. The exhibit is open to the public, it is in the lobby of the courthouse.
  5. Painting Class Instructor
    Painting Class Instructor
    Maria has been volunteer teaching a monthly painting class for residents at Little Sisters of the Poor in Pittsburgh since 2017. They also have an art show each fall to exhibit the beautiful art created by the residents, many are over the age of 80 years old, and they are all learning and advancing their painting skills.
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    2020 Art Instruction
    Honored to be teaching painting classes at the National Aviary. Classes in November, 2019 were successful, more classes coming soon in 2020!
  7. candyland, sarris candies, hand painted, murals, cany art, whimsical art, maria desimone prascak
    Murals at Sarris Candies
    Maria designed and hand painted over 450 murals in the store and ice cream parlour, 3 ceiling domes, 5 animal sculptures, Pretzel People display, candy can columns, and ice cream window toppers.