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ART           Maria DeSimone Prascak​​​
Children's Books, Cover Art, Coloring Books...

I started my business in the South Side Slopes in 1982 creating custom, one of a kind, hand drawn greeting cards and art. I was very successful but after 13 years I had to close the store due to an injury to my hand caused by many years of air-brushing art.
I closed the store but was able use a paint brush. I started painting murals and paint them to this day.

However, my love for illustrating one of a kind art from my imagination on a smaller scale has always been on my mind. I have one studio where I work on big painting projects, many on canvas, and a second inspirational space, I call my happy place,  where I focus on smaller projects and illustrations.

I was commissioned to illustrate a children's book "The Day the Chocolate Melted Away" by
Dave Howard of Uncle Daves Books in 2018. This book is sold online in my Etsy shop, on Dave's sites and at Sarris Candies in Canonsburg, PA. 

I still love painting murals, and prefer to vary the art medium I use each week,
 my ADHD make sits easy to switch gears, mediums and techniques.

The magority of the artwork displayed here is from my imagination!

I am currently working on multiple children's books for clients and others myself.
Please, check back to see them finished!

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